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About Becki

For me, Pilates was not a chosen career path, I stumbled into it.

I’d been working in the NHS for 10 years when a change in my personal circumstances led me to decide I’d also like to change my career.

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My Story

I have been teaching Pilates since 2006 and a qualified Level 3 Pilates, GP Referral and Level 4 Specialist in Exercise for Lower Back Pain Instructor, registered with the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMPSA) and insured with FitPro.  For further information please visit

I used to swim for the county, was a regular gym goer and as I loved exercise classes, thought I’d make enquires about fitness training courses. I finally decided on Future Fit as my training provider and opted for the Advanced Personal Trainer package with Exercise to Music as an addition. The Beginners Mat based and Improvers Pilates courses where included as part my training package.

Becki White Pilates

I was working as a freelance personal trainer at Fitness First when I attended the Improvers course and it was during this training that I really started to appreciate the philosophy behind the Pilates approach. One goal that appeared on the majority of my clients’ programmes was to reduce waist size.

Through observation and discussion with many of the gym members I realised that core training appeared to be one element of an exercise programme that many people ignored, either because they ran out of time or it consisted of a few half hearted crunches on the ab cradle.

I then started to bring in some Pilates exercises into my training sessions. What I loved about the exercises was the fact that the basic levels are suitable for the absolute beginner, giving an alternative to abdominal resistance machines.

A couple of years into my training I decided to leave Fitness First to start up my own company Not Just Pilates offering Pilates classes and freelance personal training in the Wimborne area.

Over 14 years on I now teach around 15 classes per week in community venues, health clubs and leisure centres in Dorset and Hampshire.


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"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent classes. I work in the health and fitness sector and I'm fully aware of how good you are. You manage to combine excellent instruction, whilst creating an excellent rapport with your participants. This is a rare gift"
Lori Randall

"Becki, continues and has done for many years to show passion and great care in delivering her classes, she is approachable and friendly and is always on hand to step in last minute to cover classes. She is a great asset to the Ferndown Leisure Centre team!"
Ferndown Leisure

"I have been going to Becki’s Pilates classes for several years and always found her very friendly and helpful. I am physically disabled and when I first started I was worried if I would be able to do Pilates. I need not have worried because if I cannot do a particular exercise, she always provides a suitable alternative. I have benefited enormously from her classes."
Penny Austin

"A few years ago my everyday routine was hampered by constant back pain. Many a morning I rolled out of bed groggy after just a few hours sleep due to almost constant pain It seemed nothing or nobody could help me. During an everyday conversation Pilates was mentioned as maybe a back pain cure. With nothing to lose I joined Beckis’ class. I can honestly say it was just what I needed. My back pain eventually eased to a point it disappeared. I learnt the importance of core muscle strength and its benefits. Undoubtedly it's all due to Pilates and Beckis’ classes….so thank you Becki!"
Steve Hopkins

"I have attended Becki White's Pilates classes for many years now. I find Becki's enthusiasm, charisma and style of teaching inspirational, which makes me work harder. I always feel I have had a superb workout after each session and am more supple and fitter. The lower back pain that I had in the past is now a very distant memory."
Ola Steadman

"What's special about Becki White's teaching? Contagious enthusiasm, hearty encouragement, tailored exercises, gentle reminders (to maximise the benefit), great mix of strengthening and stretching exercises. You will be inspired to work hard and have a laugh along the way. The improvement in my core strength and back flexibility in just over a year is remarkable. It makes me smile every time I bend down to put my socks on or tie my shoe laces."
Dave Steadman

Ready to Make a Change?

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a whole new body.”

- Joseph Pilates